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One of the Best Travelling Places-Paris

by admin

Article by Narelliorgreen We know that the best time to visit Paris is from June to August, when the weather is just about perfect. Average highs are in the mid 70s and there are long days of sunshine. Unfortunately,...

Are Airliners Too Heavy?

by admin

Next time you fly, take note of the other passengers in the boarding area. How many do you think weigh 170 lbs? Now I am in pretty good shape. I am about 6 feet tall and weigh 190 pounds....

Seven Wonders of the World – A Treasure Trove of Beauty

by admin

Living in the daily routines, there is no time with people to think about the outside world and the beauty that is present all around us. Even the wonderful creations of man are not discovered mostly because of either...

Top Travel Destinations in Europe

by admin

Travel is the movement of the people all over the world between relatively distant geographical locations for any duration, with or without the means of transport. It also includes the short stays between the successive journeys. There are many...

World’s Top 10 Safest Airlines According to the ATRA

by admin

Article by Aston Morgan Air Transport Rating Agency (ATRA) has come with a report that lists the world’s most safe airlines. This report was released by the agency yesterday and already it has created quite a flutter in the...

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